Poet, founder of the new art movement GROTESQUE

His works include: "The Den of Soul", collection of GROTESQUE poems and "Bouts Rimes" - a modern day exorcist anthology of poems, written 'by the hands' of no longer present classical poets of last 300 years. Both books are for sale in the famous Moscow bookshop Biblio Globus. For more information please check:


An established artist and member of the Russian professional Artist's Union. Alexey illustrated the first poetry book of Alexander Zayets "The Den of Soul", which made the book an additional source of inspiration for the readers. Alexey lives and works in Moscow, he has a fantastic studio right in the heart of Moscow. For more information, please check:


Is an established artist, he lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Chef has illustrated numerous books, including Prose and Poetry by Edgar Allan Poe (Moskow: Raduga, 1983), for more information, please check:


Is an English Artist, who is based in Moscow. Rostislav R Romanov is unique and extremely talented young artist. He managed to sell his first bronze sculptures before even producing them. Rostislav just finished his first very successful exhibition in Moscow, which opened many doors for him and led to a participation in additional 4 exhibitions.


Is a friend of our organisation, while working in Gazprom Bank, Moscow, he manages to find time to help us with all the polygraphic endeavors, he makes amazing designs which are trully invaluable! We cherish Andrey's creative spark and we are ever so grateful for his unselfish input into our organization.


Corporate lawyer, based in Moscow, he has an amazing voice and is always helping us free of charge. Clemens is the initiator of several ideas for our organization, such as organizing annual conferences for our members, first to be held on 21st of July, 2012.


Lina is a young film director. Lina is working on several feature and documentary films already and they will surely appear on our site in due course. Lina is a good friend of our society, however, it remains to be seen if her artistic vision expands the grotesque horizons too.


Jury is a singer and a DJ. He is also a body builder. He is a presenter and a comedian. He is famous. He used to be in a boy band back in the 90's. Now, Jury is enjoying a solo 'come-back' career in show business. How many people can light up the 'stardom' twice in their lives? Not many. Jury can. Jury sings SHANSON and BLATNYAK. Listen to him online or come to his concert, the next one is planned to be held in Moscow on the 15th of Feb 2012.


Producer and radio presenter at the "Voice of Russia" radio station. Maria is the Grey Rabbits website administrator and a generator of new ideas. She is helping the members of the Grotesque movement to achieve the goals that they set out in front of them, while also aligning their personal goals with more general goals of the society. She is also a M.A. from Sheffield University and continues her professional career in existential therapy and consulting.